Pray for Langham Scholar Sofanit Abebe

5 March 2019 |

Langham Scholar Sofanit Abebe asked for prayer at Langham Partnership UKI’s Vision Day last month. Sofanit, who is from Ethiopia, is…
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Scholar shapes future leaders in Ukraine

18 February 2019 |

A Langham Scholar, who studied for a PhD at the University of St Andrews, was recently inducted as head of…
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Listening to God’s Word and the World

5 February 2019 |

If you’re looking to find Langham Scholar Dr. Rolex Cailing, a biblical leader trained with support from Langham in the…
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Representing Majority World Theology in Academia

3 December 2018 |
Representing Majority World Theology at SBL/AAR

Each November, we at Langham Publishing exhibit our latest and most relevant titles at theological conferences in North America. It is…
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Author Spotlight – Hikmat Kashouh

30 November 2018 |
Pastor Hikmat Kashouh and His Wife

Hikmat Kashouh is the senior pastor of Resurrection Church Beirut (previously Hadath Baptist Church), a vibrant and growing missional church located…
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Scholar’s research to help Japanese Church stand firm

17 October 2018 |

Also known as the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan is a global giant in technological innovation, and has one…
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Pray for Langham Scholar Gerardo Corpeño

1 October 2018 |

Langham Scholar Gerardo Corpeño is from El Salvador, but has lived and worked in Guatemala for eight years. He is…
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‘Historic moment’ for Eritrean believers

16 August 2018 |

Last week, the leaders of Ethiopia and Eritrea officially ended an 18-year long ‘state of war’ between the two countries….
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Scholar’s dream to revive Old Testament for the Middle East

14 August 2018 |
Emad Botros

Langham Scholar Emad Botros is currently completing his doctoral work at McMaster Divinity College, Canada. Emad and his wife Almess…
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Pray for Langham Scholar João Paulo Aquino

8 August 2018 |
João Paulo Aquino

A professor at Andrew Jumper Graduate School of Theology at Mackenzie University, one of Brazil’s oldest and most prestigious schools,…
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